Latest from ColaLife…

Great news: ColaLife brokers partnership with global NGO for Tanzanian field work.

Celebratory balloon release in order. Tweet if you see one!

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ColaLife is a campaign to get Coca-Cola to open up its distribution channels in developing countries to save lives, especially children’s lives, by carrying much needed ’social products’ such as oral rehydration salts and high-dose vitamin A tablets. OnFriday, 17 July, 3-4pm, Trafalgar Square, London the ColaLife Rally commenced! And what a great day it was. ColaLife supporter, Russell Tanner, climbed on to the fourth plinth in London’s Trafalgar Square for ColaLife with our giant aidpod. I was there promoting the campaign (you can catch a glimpse of me on the clip below). For more information visit and show your support.

101 Odd Sock Workshop

Harris School students took on the ‘101 Odd Socks’ project challenge, reusing to turn old socks into odd sock puppets. More…


Birty at NEC

Took some skirts up to the Design and Technology show at the NEC to make Birtys with Practical Action and [re]design.The stand was choc-a-block all day with teachers enthused about sustainability and design in education. Great stuff. There are loads of brilliant ideas and resources for teachers and schools on the Practical Action website. Check it out!

How to make a cityscape

Take 40 meters of stunning 4mm felt, two topographical maps, several large print outs, preparation, diet coke, two boxes of scalpels and a few litres of Copydex and… Voila!

The rugs are taking shape

I’ve spent the last month in my dream job! Working intensively on these beasts has all been worth in and they’re beginning to take shape.


Another heroine

This is Joanna Newsom. I discovered this clip, among others on YouTube. She’s going to be up there with Annie Lennox, Bjork and Regina Spektor before long – in my book at least. Lovely stuff.

Mapping Moscow

At hive we’re making two ‘Cityscape’ rugs for a Russian bank; one of London and one of Moscow. They’ve done a London rug before, but the biggest hurdle so far has been finding a topographical map of Moscow – a detailed one.


Why work the weekend?


Working on a Sunday… Ahh, the life of a freelancer.

Why work the weekend? Well, I’ve been thrown in the deep end somewhat.

I’ve been working with a social enterprise called [re]design since I left college last year – the day after I left college as it happens. Anyhow, as a non-profit organisation we’ve been struggling to get funding for as long as I can remember. However, there’s hope for us yet: on Friday I got a call to say that we’re through to the final round of applicants for the Stanley Picker Fellowship. Hoorah! Progress and recognition at last!

But every silver-lining has a cloud… Next Wednesday, the five finalists will be grilled for 35 minutes, under high pressure to persuade a panel of judges that their research proposal is the most delicious dish on the menu.

It turns out that everyone’s on holidays next week.No prizes for guessing who’s getting cooked next Wednesday at 9.45am.

Day two at hive

hive cityscape rug

Double-clicking day in day out has been driving me to distraction.

I need to make things.

In an attempt to get my practical and enthusiastic hands dirty, I’ve been in touch with a company I did work-experience with once called hive.

Hive is… ‘an award winning interdisciplinary design partnership specialising in furniture, lighting, interior accessories and design.’

I used to work weekends in their Oxo Tower studio. They’ve now relocated to brand spanking new premises in New Cross and taken me on part-time to do a spot of product development and model-making for their latest range. Hoorah!

Anyhow. Yes. Today. Day two was productive, as was day one. I’ve been developing ideas and mocking up models for new lighting designs, a modular shelving system/ room divider type thing, and a new range of packaging. Phew.