Another heroine

This is Joanna Newsom. I discovered this clip, among others on YouTube. She’s going to be up there with Annie Lennox, Bjork and Regina Spektor before long – in my book at least. Lovely stuff.

2 responses to “Another heroine

  1. Hi Emma!

    Google Alerts sent me your way when you posted something about Joanna. I like to read things people say about her, good and bad. I’m glad to see that you are one of the former. Anyway, I thought that if you like what you’ve seen of Joanna on youtube, you might be interested in checking out our fan site at Although it can be a bit difficult to wade through the forum to find information about her, we do have some of it already sorted out into different categories, and hopefully someone will get busy soon to bring things up-to-date. I feel pretty confident in saying that you are more likely to find current news about Joanna at milkymoon than on any other website. I hope to see you there soon. By the way, at milkymoon, I go by


  2. Emma

    I am writing from the D&T Association with regard to a ‘where are they now’ feature that I am going to publish in the next issue of D&T Practice magazine. I am sure that you might of been told about this through Ian Capewell at Practical Action. I do not have an up to date email address for you and I hope that this message will get to you!
    What I really need is a recent picture of you that is in a suitable resolution for publishing. Do you think that you could supply me with something? If you can, please forward it to ASAP!

    Many thanks Neil Whitton

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