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Latest from ColaLife…

Great news: ColaLife brokers partnership with global NGO for Tanzanian field work.

Celebratory balloon release in order. Tweet if you see one!

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ColaLife is a campaign to get Coca-Cola to open up its distribution channels in developing countries to save lives, especially children’s lives, by carrying much needed ’social products’ such as oral rehydration salts and high-dose vitamin A tablets. OnFriday, 17 July, 3-4pm, Trafalgar Square, London the ColaLife Rally commenced! And what a great day it was. ColaLife supporter, Russell Tanner, climbed on to the fourth plinth in London’s Trafalgar Square for ColaLife with our giant aidpod. I was there promoting the campaign (you can catch a glimpse of me on the clip below). For more information visit and show your support.

101 Odd Sock Workshop

Harris School students took on the ‘101 Odd Socks’ project challenge, reusing to turn old socks into odd sock puppets. More…




In an effort to get some dresses I made looking gorgeous, I drew a few people to put them on. As it turns out, they look lovelier than I expected so the dresses will have to speak for themselves.