In an effort to get some dresses I made looking gorgeous, I drew a few people to put them on. As it turns out, they look lovelier than I expected so the dresses will have to speak for themselves.


A recent rethink

During a recent rethink, I realised that eight hours a day (and then some!) in front of a screen is most definitely not good for the soul. Especially my soul. It doesn’t do much for my creativity either. I am a maker and a doer, not a sitter and a clicker.

‘Why start a blog?!’ I hear you cry. Well, that’s a good question. Sure enough, if I’m trying to keep away from the keyboard it does seem a little perverse to begin an online diary. However, it’s about quality, not quantity. All the time I spend on the blog I’m learning new things to make me super web savvy, recording interesting and inspirational things (like this film) and I’m collecting and publishing my work. In fact, since I’ve started blogging, I’ve even started new projects! So watch this space…

Shanghai Science and Technology Museum


The first venue for Climate Cool! Impressive venue.






Efficiency! The production team here in Shanghai is spot on. The exhibition was set up with hardly a hiccup. White gloves, labeling, floor plans and more labeling. Great stuff.

It’s a small world after all


Managed to catch up with an old school friend, Mark, (and his backpack buddy Neil) after we flew into Shanghai on the same day! Who would have thought it? I haven’t seen Mark since Sixth Form. So great to see a friendly face.

The Bund


Shanghai’s Southbank. Yes, these boats are equipped with video billboards – it’s like Bladerunner.

Milly Minding


Me and Milly took on Shanghai’s shopping district on an exciting nappy hunt. If being blonde, fair skinned and looking like a doll wasn’t such a rarity here, I’m sure we would have taken half the time. Everyone wants to take photographs of us – I thought we were the tourists here?

A room with a view?


China is crazy! This city is vast. Just got back from our welcome meal with the British Council team. Yummy, delicious and… interesting food. Jellyfish: tastes good, feels like skinny, boney slug. Odd

The scale of the city is certainly impressive and construction work seems to continue through the night. Disconcerting amount of smog and a worrying juxtaposition of poverty and wealth. For more photos go here.

Off to Shanghai with the British Council, China


A few months ago the [re]design team were commissioned to curate an exhibition for the British Council: Climate Cool By Design. It’s a touring exhibition, showcasing the very best in British sustainable design. Today I’m traveling to Shanghai with Sarah Johnson, Jason Allcorn and Milly (the little Maker) to oversea proceedings. It’s only a thirteen hour flight!

CONTAINS take two


It’s up and running again and looking good. Still very cold, but thankfully the local pan-pipers have been entertaining us. Every day.