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CONTAINS take two


It’s up and running again and looking good. Still very cold, but thankfully the local pan-pipers have been entertaining us. Every day.

CONTAINS has vanished


It was like something out of Groundhog Day when Andrew and I arrived to open up the containers this morning. They’d disappeared! At first I thought it was the cold, or perhaps the lack of sleep that had finally driven me mad. Sadly, my mental state was sound – All 8 shipping containers had been picked up by the container company a week early with the entire exhibition rattling around inside. Now there’s an opportunity for a lawsuit if ever there was one! Apparently there’s not much damage. Set up all over again tomorrow… I think I need a hug.

So far so freezing


Spreading the eco buzz to Georgies daylong might sound like fun, but it’s bloomin’ freezing! Why didn’t we do this in the summer?!

CONTAINS has landed


5.30 am. The CONTAINers have land on Grainger Street!
After a grueling installation the exhibition is up. Phew!



CONTAINS is the latest [re]design exhibition, due to land in Newcastle this week (literally). CONTAINS is a public facing show designed to challenge consumers buying choices: “What goes into the things we invite into our homes?” Where better to talk about shopping habits than on the high street? Grainger Street to be precise! Housed in 8 shipping containers packed with sustainable UK design CONTAINS is sure to turn a few heads.