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How to make a cityscape

Take 40 meters of stunning 4mm felt, two topographical maps, several large print outs, preparation, diet coke, two boxes of scalpels and a few litres of Copydex and… Voila!

The rugs are taking shape

I’ve spent the last month in my dream job! Working intensively on these beasts has all been worth in and they’re beginning to take shape.


Mapping Moscow

At hive we’re making two ‘Cityscape’ rugs for a Russian bank; one of London and one of Moscow. They’ve done a London rug before, but the biggest hurdle so far has been finding a topographical map of Moscow – a detailed one.



I’ve been invited to run some eco workshops in Norway with my old friends at Practical Action. The ties with Practical Action go right back to my A levels when I took part in the Sustainable Design Award as part of my D&T coursework. We went to Norway for the first time in 2006 and we’re heading over this year to run some sustainability and creativity workshops for a week. I’ll also be staying on to teach Flash (gulp!) and Illustrator to students at the college and teachers too. I’m excited!

Weare launch at Moving Brands and it’s time to be Moving On.

Last days at Moving Brands and it’s been great. It’s been great to experience a larger company and a different, lovely group of people. Also, just when I though it was all a bit corporate and clean for my liking, they pull the Weare project out of the bag. Socially networked and user generated fashion. Now that’s more like it!

Picture 6
Picture 5

Moving brands

End of week one at Moving Brands. Interesting. Great studio banter. Learning a lot. I’m working in a team on Interaction Design as well as Fairly Excessive Sculptural Form Design (usually involving shiny acrylic and/or LEDs and touch screens)…

Picture 4

Very swish but not really… me?

Picture 2


In the first contract not connected to a previous work placement, I’m starting a placement with a trendy branding company in Old Street: Moving Brands. It’s very different from anything I’ve done before – interactive design, aesthetically driven, commercially driven. I expect to come out of this two week internship with a mutual and firm handshake that says ‘Thanks, but, no thanks!”

Well, it’ll certainly be a new experience. Have I sold my soul? Not likely – I’ll be getting paid a pittance! One very reassuring thing is that these guys contacted me after seeing my work at Goldsmiths Degree show, proof that: A) you do get work and contacts from the showcase and B) they must after my mind rather than my skills. Conceptual designers are useful after all.