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Why work the weekend?


Working on a Sunday… Ahh, the life of a freelancer.

Why work the weekend? Well, I’ve been thrown in the deep end somewhat.

I’ve been working with a social enterprise called [re]design since I left college last year – the day after I left college as it happens. Anyhow, as a non-profit organisation we’ve been struggling to get funding for as long as I can remember. However, there’s hope for us yet: on Friday I got a call to say that we’re through to the final round of applicants for the Stanley Picker Fellowship. Hoorah! Progress and recognition at last!

But every silver-lining has a cloud… Next Wednesday, the five finalists will be grilled for 35 minutes, under high pressure to persuade a panel of judges that their research proposal is the most delicious dish on the menu.

It turns out that everyone’s on holidays next week.No prizes for guessing who’s getting cooked next Wednesday at 9.45am.

A recent rethink

During a recent rethink, I realised that eight hours a day (and then some!) in front of a screen is most definitely not good for the soul. Especially my soul. It doesn’t do much for my creativity either. I am a maker and a doer, not a sitter and a clicker.

‘Why start a blog?!’ I hear you cry. Well, that’s a good question. Sure enough, if I’m trying to keep away from the keyboard it does seem a little perverse to begin an online diary. However, it’s about quality, not quantity. All the time I spend on the blog I’m learning new things to make me super web savvy, recording interesting and inspirational things (like this film) and I’m collecting and publishing my work. In fact, since I’ve started blogging, I’ve even started new projects! So watch this space…

It’s a small world after all


Managed to catch up with an old school friend, Mark, (and his backpack buddy Neil) after we flew into Shanghai on the same day! Who would have thought it? I haven’t seen Mark since Sixth Form. So great to see a friendly face.