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Weare launch at Moving Brands and it’s time to be Moving On.

Last days at Moving Brands and it’s been great. It’s been great to experience a larger company and a different, lovely group of people. Also, just when I though it was all a bit corporate and clean for my liking, they pull the Weare project out of the bag. Socially networked and user generated fashion. Now that’s more like it!

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Moving brands

End of week one at Moving Brands. Interesting. Great studio banter. Learning a lot. I’m working in a team on Interaction Design as well as Fairly Excessive Sculptural Form Design (usually involving shiny acrylic and/or LEDs and touch screens)…

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Very swish but not really… me?

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In the first contract not connected to a previous work placement, I’m starting a placement with a trendy branding company in Old Street: Moving Brands. It’s very different from anything I’ve done before – interactive design, aesthetically driven, commercially driven. I expect to come out of this two week internship with a mutual and firm handshake that says ‘Thanks, but, no thanks!”

Well, it’ll certainly be a new experience. Have I sold my soul? Not likely – I’ll be getting paid a pittance! One very reassuring thing is that these guys contacted me after seeing my work at Goldsmiths Degree show, proof that: A) you do get work and contacts from the showcase and B) they must after my mind rather than my skills. Conceptual designers are useful after all.